5 hours until the adventure begins. 4AM wake-up call, 6AM departure to Dallas, 4PM arrival into Miami, and a departure to Paraguay Wednesday night from Miami. I can’t exactly explain how I’m feeling right now. Ready to go, but definitely sad to be leaving my beautiful friends and family that I’ve spent the last month saying my goodbyes to. Thank you to all of you who have made time to see me off, emailed me, or called/text me happy thoughts. I am so lucky to have you all in my life.

I do feel a great sense of ignorance. People keep asking me questions about Paraguay, my living situation, the people I’ll be going with..Uh??.. I really am jumping in head first and this in itself is pushing me through the door. I want to be able to answer these questions. I want to meet the volunteers I’ll be going with. I want to meet my host family. I want to see Paraguay first hand, not just through the eyes of google image. I promise to respond to all of these questions as soon as I have answers.

Now that my bags are backed and sitting by the door (yes I waited until tonight to finish packing–typical for those of you who know me) I am ready to jump on this jet plane! I am convinced I will forget something really important, i.e socks or underwear, but I keep reminding myself that with 100 pounds of luggage, EVEN IF I have forgotten something important, I will most likely be able to survive.

About to burst

If I do discover that I’ve overlooked something of high importance, I will post it on here and hopefully one of you kind souls will find it in your hearts to mail it to me at the following address. Aside from items of high importance, letters, packages, $cash$, anything you want to send me is greatly appreciated:

Bridget Slevin PCT
Cuerpo de Paz
162 Chaco Boreal c/Mcal. Lopez
Asuncion 1580, Paraguay
South America

Apparently you should write a bible verse on the letter/package so that items are less likely to get stolen? I have read this on other volunteer’s blogs. Again..I do not know where they received this information, I’m just taking their word for it. (indication #5000 that I have not done enough research)

That’s it for now. I will try to update this blog as frequently as possible without being obnoxious. Please forgive me for bad grammar, misspelled words (I realize Bridgeing is spelled incorrectly, it was an attempt at being clever–thank you Brett), and just plain old uninteresting recounting of tales. Hasta luego friends and family.

xoxo bridget